APO 442

GENERAL ORDERS NO: 272, HQ 6th Army, 2 December 1945

          AWARDS OF SILVER STAR (OAK-LEAF CLUSTER). By direction of the President, in addition to the Silver Star awarded to Sergeant William F. Blaise by the Commanding General, Sixth Army, as published in Section I, General Orders No. 12, dated 10 March 1945, a Bronze Oak-Leaf Cluster is awarded to him by the Commanding General, Sixth Army, under the provisions of the act of Congress approved 9 July 1918 (Bulletin 43, WD, 1918.
The citation is as follows:

          Sergeant WILLIAM F. BLAISE, 12033036, Infantry, United States Army.
For gallantry in action on Luzon, Philippine Islands, on 13 April 1945. Being assigned the task of locating the enemy headquarters in the Mt. Pinatubo area, Sergeant Blaise led a patrol composed of two enlisted men and one Negrito guide, At 1900 hours on the Bucao River the patrol encountered three enemy soldiers fully armed. He immediately began to fire at the enemy, who, seeking cover, returned the fire. During the ensuing fire fight one of the three enemy was killed. He, bearing in mind his mission would be aided by the taking of a prisoner, rushed forward in the face of small arms fire with utter disregard for his own life to close with the enemy. He fatally wounded a second enemy and the remaining soldier threw down his rifle and surrendered to him. The prisoner was later interrogated and furnished the Alamo Scouts with invaluable information. The actions of Sergeant Blaise in closing with the enemy is in keeping with the highest tradition of the Army and reflected great credit upon himself and the Alamo Scouts. Home address: Mr. Albert Blaise, (Father), 97-19 76th Street, Ozone Park, Long Island, New York.