APO 442

GENERAL ORDERS NO: 42, HQ 6th Army, 10 March 1945

          AWARDS OF SILVER STAR. By direction of the President, under the provisions of the act of Congress approved 9 July 1918 (Bulletin 43, WD 1919), a Silver Star is awarded by the Commanding General, Sixth Army, to the following named officer and to each of the following named enlisted men for gallantry in action on Leyte Island, Philippine Islands from 6 November to 22 December 1944. Lieutenant Sumner led a five man reconnaissance patrol, landing at night by PT boat, behind enemy lines near Abijao. Traveling by foot and by native boat for direct observation and organization of guerrilla intelligence sources, they kept Army headquarters informed by radio of enemy locations, movements and activities. This information covered an area extending 27 miles along the coast, from Polompan north to Daha, and inland to a depth of 10 miles. On four different occasions the party was forced to make a hasty evacuation of their position because of the proximity of the enemy; it was necessary for them, on the last occasion, to conceal much of their equipment and leave it behind. In addition to developing information of the enemy, they arranged for five airplane drops of supplies and equipment for the guerrilla forces and assisted five American pilots, who had been shot down, in returning to American lines. after completing their hazardous mission on 22 December they skillfully eluded the enemy to infiltrate back to American lines:

          Corporal WILLIAM F. BLAISE, 12033036, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mr. Albert Blaise, (Father), 97-19 76th Street, Ozone Park, Long Island, New York.

          Private First Class PAUL B. JONES, 20418040, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mrs Alma B. Jones, (Wife), 322 Avenue "T" , Birmingham, Alabama.

          Private EDWARD RENHOLS, 33307050, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mrs. Margaret Schmidt, (Sister), 314 Stanton Avenue, Millvale, Pennsylvania.

          Corporal ROBERT T. SCERMERHORN, 34024351, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mrs. Juanita Schermerhorn, (Mother), 501 S. W. 6th Court, Miami, Florida.

          First Lieutenant ROBERT S. SUMNER, 0468836, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mrs. Mary W. Sumner, (Mother), 4066 S.E. Pardee Street, Portland, Oregon.

          Private First Class HARRY D. WEILAND, 33431152, Infantry, United States Army. Home address: Mrs. Leo E. Weiland, (Mother), 528 Wood Street, Pitcairn, Pennsylvania.