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The Alamo Scouts owe much of their success to the Filipino Guerrillas on Leyte, Luzon, Cebu, Samar, Poro, Fuga, and other Philippine Islands.  Without their tireless assistance, enduring friendship, and brave support the Scouts assuredly wouldn't have made the impact they did--over 108 known missions behind enemy lines without losing a single man! 
The Alamo Scouts wish to thank and recognize the contribution of all Filipino guerrillas and/or civilians who either had personal or radio contact with the Scouts during war, who participated in or supported Alamo Scouts operations, or who might have been attached to or assisted the Scouts in any capacity. Furthermore, we would like to hear from anyone who served in the Philippine Message Center, or as a runner, roadwatcher, intelligence agent, guide, or from anyone who supplied food, shelter or services of any kind to teams either in the field or at one of the Alamo Scout Training Centers centers on Luzon or Leyte.  Also, we'd like to hear from anyone, military or civilian, who was rescued or assusted by the Alamo Scouts.  Now is the time.  We want to hear your stories and to preserve them for future generations.
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Native Americans have a long and distinguished tradition in the military and also played a vital role in the history of the Alamo Scouts.  One quarter of the enlisted graduates of the first Alamo Scouts Training Class were Native American and served on operational teams, while the others returned to their units and conducted similar reconnaissance and intellgence gathering missions.  Other Native Americans graduates followed and served in the Alamo Scouts throughout the war.  Unfortunatley, most have passed away, and we need your help in locating the families of Native Americans who served in the Scouts; by hearing from anyone who served with them; and by identifying anyone else of Native American heritage who served in the unit.  Please contact us today.
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Known Native American Alamo Scouts
Alvin Vilcan
Byron Tsingine
Anthony Ortiz
Theodore Largo
Virgil Howell
Joseph Johnson
Zeke McConnell
David Milda
Thank You.
Russ Blaise - ASA Executive Director
Lance Zedric - ASA Historian