Alamo Scouts Plaque to be dedicated at the National Museum of the Pacific War (also known as the Admiral Nimitz Museum) in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The 20" x 20" plaque will be among the more then 1000 plaques that hang on the century-old limestone wall separating the museum's Memorial Courtyard from the Japanese Garden of Peace. The plaque will honor the Alamo Scouts and memorialize the late Founder and Director of the Alamo Scouts Association, Col. Robert S. Sumner.  In lieu of flowers for Sumner, donors contributed almost $2,500 for the plaque.

.The plaque was designed by Russ Blaise and the written text by Alamo Scouts' Historian, Lance Zedric.

The image below is not a true representation of what the plaque will look like. Plaques are solid metal, photo-chemically etched and anodized with a dark bronze background and silver text and detail.

For a $350.00 donation, you can have a 5"x7" plaque made for any one that served in the pacific theater during World War II. You can contact Russ Blaise for more details.

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