The Alamo Scouts Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI) is one of the rarest and most sought after shoulder patches in existence.

The unofficial patch was not authorized by the Institute of Heraldry, but was authorized by General Walter Krueger for wear by members of the Alamo Scouts, non-retained graduates of the Alamo Scouts Training Center, cadre, and camp overhead personnel.

It is authorized for wear on the right sleeve, indicating war service, or on the left breast pocket. Period photographs indicate that it was also incorrectly worn on the left shoulder sleeve.

Created as a result of a contest at one of the ASTCs. Only 440 patches were manufactured by N.S. Meyer Company in late 1944.

The circular patch features a fully-embroidered blue background with a red outer border and white inner circle. The words Alamo Scouts fashioned in green, log-type script, symbolize the trailblazing nature of the unit and appear in the upper half of the white circle. Sixth Army appears in the lower half. A depiction of the Alamo centered on a blue background refers to the bravery of the Alamo's original defenders, and an Indian head superimposed upon the Alamo represents silent reconnaissance.

Original art work for the shoulder patch of the Alamo Scouts produced by CPL Harry Golden in 1944 at the ASTC, Hollandia, D. N. G.

The winning design for the Alamo Scouts shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) was submitted by CPL Harry A. Golden, a medic at the Alamo Scouts Training Center. Pictured below are four earlier designs by Golden that were not selected. (Courtesy of Mayo Stuntz)

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A Filipino-made version of the Alamo Scouts patch constructed on Luzon in mid-1945. These patches were purchased locally when the original order of 440 patches was exhausted.

Courtesy of Clay Giles, (nephew of Tom Rounsaville)

Theater made version of an Alamo Scout patch produced in Japan during the Korean War (1950-53).  

Courtesy of Alamo Scout James Steele.

Unknown replica Alamo Scout patch.

Courtesy of Lance Zedric

Notification Letter for purchase of Alamo Scouts patch.

Courtesy of Robert Sumner

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