The Alamo Scouts Association desperately needs additional photos and/or information on the following Alamo Scouts. Contact Lance or Russ. Also, check out the Roster and Photo Archives and be sure to sign the Guestbook. New information keeps people coming back!
Robert Beattie
Jack E. Benson
Robert J. Borg
Floyd Clement
Ray Corpuz
Denmore Euart
William Farrell
John E. Gass
Paul V. Gomez
William Haslam
Howard Helton
John W. Hoke
Richard Jandt
John O. Johnson
Donald Kerr
Donald Kloes
Lewis McCall
Thomas McClelland
Walter McDonald
F.J. Munson
Ernest Ordway
Wilmot B. Ouzts
Robert Peterson
Caesar J. Ramirez
Billy G. Reynolds
William R. Ross
Edward Raupa
Eddy Sargent
Frank R. Sargent
Robert F. Savard
James Shipp
Harold Sparks
Winfield J. Stark
Arthur H. Todd
Jessie L. Turner
Alvin J. Vilcan
Edward W. Walsh
Thomas White
Kenneth B. Williams
Wayne Winkler
Paul E. Wood
Freddie Wright
Elijah York
Michael S. Zwer

Trying to verify Alamo Scout service of the following men: Robert A. McCready, Clarence M. Angel, Steven N. Kocowsky, Canuto A. Sena and SSG Pete D. Nebbia. Also, Karl J. Evers of Little Chute, WI. His 5 May 2005 obituary stated that he was an Alamo Scout, but a letter to the family was not returned.