2nd Lt. Robert S. Sumner, (Team Leader). Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Nov. 1942. 

(Photo courtesy of Robert Sumner)


T/5 Frederick J. Gehring, graduate of the 9th Alamo Scouts Training Class. Aug, 1945.

(Photo courtesy of Frederick J. Gehring Jr.)


Major General Irvin Ray, USAFR.  Ray began his military career with the Alamo Scouts as a private and later received a battlefield commission. He performed several missions as a member of Dove Team, and had his own team at the end of the war.  After World War II, Ray joined the Air Force.  He is one of four Alamo Scouts to attain general officer rank.

(Photo courtesy of the Ray family)

ASTC medic Marvin Peck (left) and supply sergeant Leonard Epstein, at the ASTC. The men were part of the overhead team that supported the Alamo Scouts and were invaluable to the success of the unit.

(Photo courtesy of Marvin Peck)


General Douglas MacArthur, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific (center), meets a group of Native Americans on the battle front in New Guinea.  Left to Right: SSG Vergil Brown (Pima Tribe), SGT Virgil F. Howell (Pawnee), SSG Alvin J. Vilcan (Chitimacha), GEN MacArthur, SGT Byron L. Tsingine (Navajo), and SGT Larry L. Dokin (Navajo).  Howell, Vilcan, and Tsingine were graduates of the first Alamo Scouts Training Class on Fergusson Island, New Guinea.  Signal Corps, 1943.

(Photo courtesy of Byron Tsingine, Jr.)

PFC Robert L. Woody, graduate of the 7th Alamo Scouts Training Class.

(Photo courtesy of Robert L. Woody)


PFC John J. Geiger, graduate of the 3rd Alamo Scouts Training Class
and assigned to Lutz Team.

(Photo courtesy of Jack & Betty Geiger)


Biak Island, part of the Schouten Islands guarding the approaches of Geelvink Bay.  Site of recon by Reynolds Team on 27 May 1944.  Later, on 4-5 October 1944, Nellist and Rounsaville Teams left from the PT Base here to conduct the Cape Oransbari mission, where they liberated 66 Dutch, Javanese, and French civilians from the Japanese. 

(U.S. Navy Photo)


Camp Taylor, Mios Woendi.  Located ten miles south of Biak, the PT base was the largest in New Guinea.  It was from here that several Alamo Scout teams operated from PT (Patrol Torpedo) boats during the New Guinea Campaign. 

(U.S. Navy Photo)


PT-363.  This boat and crew supported DOVE Team on its Hollandia mission, DNG, June 1944. The boat, nicknamed the "Aces Avenger," was sunk by Japanese shore batteries off Cape Gorango, Halmahera Island on 25 November 1944.

(U.S. Navy Photo)


Aubrey Hall during basic training at Camp Walters, Texas.  October 1941. Hall graduated from the first training class at the Alamo Scouts Training Center on Fergusson Island, DNG, on 5 Feb 1944, and performed several missions with the Alamo Scouts in New Guinea and in the Philippines.

(Courtesy of Lee Hall)


Alamo Scout Aubrey (Lee) Hall pictured in North Korea.  1950.

  (Photo courtesy of Lee Hall)


Alamo Scout Aubrey Hall receiving a battlefield commission while with the Alamo Scouts.  Luzon, Philippine Islands.  March 1945. 

(Courtesy of Lee Hall)


Sergeant Major Aubrey Hall en route to Vietnam in December 1965.  Hall served in three conflicts, including World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

(Courtesy of Lee Hall)


Martin Grimes at the Alamo Scouts Training Center, Olongapo, Subic Bay.  July 1945.

(Courtesy of Clyde Townsend)


Alamo Scouts Clyde Townsend (left) and Martin Grimes relax at Hotel Alamo.  Luzon, July 1945.

(Courtesy of Clyde Townsend)


Clyde Townsend firing a Japanese light machine gun at the ASTC.
Luzon, July 1945.

(Courtesy of Clyde Townsend)


Training boat used by the Alamo Scouts at the ASTC at Subic Bay, Luzon.  July 1945.

(Courtesy of Clyde Townsend)


Alamo Scout 2LT Howard E. Williams.  Williams was in the last Alamo Scouts Training Class when the war ended and was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars, and four Purple Hearts prior to service with the Alamo Scouts.

(Photo courtesy of the Ledger Enquirer, Columbus, GA, 1952)


SGM Robert LaChaussee in Vietnam, 1967.  LaChaussee was a graduate of the seventh Alamo Scouts Training Class and retired after service in Korea and Vietnam.

(Courtesy of Robert LaChaussee)